How to Add a Call-to-Action to your Facebook Page

So sorry for the lack of post last week (being sick sucks!). But a huge welcome to some new Facebook followers! I just realized I’m only 8 “likes” away from reaching 100 likes of Facebook…so please like my page here if you haven’t already!

And since we’re on the topic of Facebook, here is a quick little run-down on how to add a Call-to-Action to you Facebook page! Facebook has recently implemented this new feature. You may not have this feature yet on your page (I know it took mine a little while to have it added), but if you do its very easy to add any kind of link right on your page. Since many people, including myself, use MailChimp, I’ll go through below on how to add your MailChimp signup form.

First, click “Create Call-to-Action” on your Facebook page which should be located on your cover photo. Choose from the dropdown which button you would like to use.

Now head over to your MailChimp account. In order to find the link for your signup form, click on “Lists”, then on the specific list, then “Sign Up Forms”, then “General Forms”. This should bring you straight to your Sign Up Form! Feel free to edit the template as you wish. After editing and saving, copy the url next to “Signup Form URL”, head back over to Facebook, and paste it into the section that asks for “Website”. Simply go through the rest of the prompts (having “website” for all options is fine), and you’re all done! Super easy and a great way for people to easily sign up for your mailing list or other items via Facebook

How to Add a Call-to-Action to your Facebook Page

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