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Nina's Jewellery offers an exquisite range of diamond promise rings to express your love, friendship, and commitment forever. Browse our collection & order online today.

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Promise Rings and Promise Bands at Nina's Jewellery

Nina's Jewellery offers a stunning range of diamond promise rings, perfect for couples who want to seal their love with a special and unique symbol.

Our promise rings feature both white and coloured diamonds in a variety of hues, including green, orange, pink, and yellow. You can choose from white, rose, or yellow gold, and our rings are also stackable, so you can easily wear them with other rings that you add over time.

What is a promise ring meant for?

A promise ring signifies a promise to take the relationship seriously. It symbolises the love for the recipient and the hope that the relationship develops. For some this may mean romantic commitment with the hope of marriage, while for others, it expresses deep, long-term friendship.

What finger does a promise ring go on?

The promise rings can be worn on any finger that suits the recipient. A popular option is the ring finger to signify that the ring is a placeholder for the engagement ring.

Is a promise ring serious?

Yes, a promise ring is serious as it symbol of the commitment to a serious relationship.

Do both partners wear a promise ring?

Yes, it is common for both partners to wear a promise ring. Promise rings for men have become more popular in recent years.

Is a promise ring like an engagement ring?

No. A promise ring is not like an engagement ring, though it is a significant symbol of commitment to another person.

What should I say when giving a promise ring?

When you are giving someone a promise ring you can be descriptive of your emotions towards them and the relationship. You can also share your hope for the future of the relationship and the promise of your commitment to them.