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Silver Earrings from Nina's Jewellery

From your daily outfit to an evening out, you'll find the perfect piece to match with Nina's selection of silver earrings. The designs are both elegant and eye-catching, featuring curls, teardrops, and double twists to create stunningly intricate pieces that make a statement.

The craftsmanship of each silver piece will leave you captivated. Whether it's the glimmering details or the combination of textures, these earrings will elevate any look with elegance and sophistication. Wear them on your day-to-day meetings for some added sparkle or for special occasions for glamour – either way, you'll stand out with these beautiful designs.

Is it okay to wear silver earrings every day?

Yes, it's fine to wear silver earrings every day if you find that they do not irritate your skin. Your best bet is to ensure that you wear jewellery made of high-quality nickel-free Sterling silver. Some people have allergic reactions to the nickel that less-expensive Sterling silver contains, for example.

Still, as with all jewellery, we recommend you remove your silver earrings when it's time to work out, shower, or go to bed just to prevent them from getting tarnished, damaged, or lost.

What's the best kind of silver for earrings?

Sterling silver tends to be the go-to choice for earrings because it's durable, resistant to tarnishing, and can be worn every day without losing its shine. Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver with 7.5 % other metals to add strength.

Silver earrings can also be made with pure silver, which is 99.9% pure, but it is much softer and more susceptible to damage than Sterling silver.